Not Required To Sell Listing

Non-Public Listings From Expert Realtors

We also have the option to do a non-public listing with our expert realtors. This is where we list your church as an exclusive listing and offer it exclusively through our network of real estate agents, investors, churches etc.

Benefits Of Non-Public Listings For Your Property

Zero-Risk Listing

No commission is due should your church decide not to sell.

Confidential Listings

Keep your property private and confidential from public pressures or questions from buyers.

Higher Sales Prices

Non-public listings usually result in higher sales prices with less competition.

Non-Public Listings From Church Realty Experts

At Church Realty & Appraisal, we are committed to helping you list your church discreetly and with no obligation to sell. We understand that discretion is important and have the experience necessary to make sure your property is marketed and sold in a respectful manner. Contact us today for more information on how we can help you achieve your realty goals.

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