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Steve Dakil The Man Behind Tulsa Church Realty & Appraisals has been licensed in Oklahoma since 1983.   He has a diverse background in the Real Estate and Appraisal field. His experience includes but is not limited to, commercial, special purpose appraisals for lending purposes as well as expert witness testimony.

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We are committed to providing our clients with reliable information and efficient service. We strive to maintain ethical integrity on all levels.

40 Years Of Experience
Aggressive Marketing For Maximum Exposure
Experienced Broker
Reliable Information Expert Service

Know Your Property's True Value

Given our decades of experience with church realty, we are able to ascertain the market value to your property or sub it out to partners with experience in special purpose properties.

Broker's Opinion Of Value

A less expensive alternative to an appraisal.


Experience in appraising special-purpose property such as a church.

Not Required To Sell Listing

This is a listing marketing to the general public/market or a private non-public for-sale listing.

Tenant/Buyer Representation

Need help finding a property to purchase?

Brokerage Services

We can list your church property after we and the seller determine an accurate price.

Discreet Listings

Your church will be shown discreetly and by appointment only on off hours.

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